Our Direction




Our core discipline is the supply of one-stop solutions for the product innovations business, particularly within the fast-moving area of multimedia-based distance selling where generating customer frequency is all-important.
Our retail company has positioned itself as both a product partner and product range developer, with a particular focus on the needs of the modern multi-channel retail trade. We produce cleverly-designed everyday products which stand out from the ordinary items currently on offer – superior products which are both innovative and multi-functional.



An essential part of our day-to-day business is keeping abreast of key areas, such as: what’s new at the trade fairs, what is currently being produced, what‘s going in the lead markets, what are our customers’ competitors already doing, what do we know about our end users? Finding the answers requires close monitoring of individual products and product ranges, keeping an eye on quality and price levels and being aware of the latest developments in terms of colour and design.



Where comparable products are already available on the market, our offer includes an overview of market prices.
It is in all our interests to enable our partners to position themselves competitively on price and we are able to do this by sourcing products quickly and efficiently, capitalising on established business relationships and monitoring costs closely.

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