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Customers want products which surprise, inform and entertain them and products which they feel have been developed with them in mind. Two factors in particular are guaranteed to regularly draw customers to shopping channels, online shops or classic retail outlets – the fact that a product is new and innovative and the way in which it is presented. Ordinary products don’t fit the bill here – what is needed are exciting new and innovative products with ‘infotainment’ potential.



In the case of products which are completely new, and where it is possible to demonstrate added value, customers will make purchasing decisions spontaneously in which price, at least initially, will be of secondary importance. It is vital, however, that in later comparisons the customer feels justified in having made the right purchasing decision. This ensures a positive attitude and a certain degree of loyalty to the supplier.



Supplying the right products for a specific range or a particular sales channel, at the right prices, in a timely manner and with a sales promotion strategy – that is what we mean by one-stop solutions for the product innovations business. That is our promise to buyers and what lies at the heart of everything we do.

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